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Mass. writer suggests quarterback Tom Brady would be a perfect fit for the Cardinals

For a writer based in North Andover, Mass. it must be tough to fill up the margins on a Sunday in January. Especially when the Patriots have been eliminated from Super Bowl contention, the Celtics are underachieving and the Red Sox are well, quiet for the moment.

That’s the only logical explanation one can give for Hector Longo’s piece in the Sunday edition of the Eagle-Tribune.

It’s been nine years since the Patriots last claimed a Super Bowl title, and Longo suggests that a change might be needed in Foxboro.

What kind of change you ask?

Longo says the team should look into trading two-time NFL MVP and soon-to-be Canton-bound quarterback Tom Brady. Although Longo still believes Brady is an elite quarterback, after yet another disappointing postseason performance he’s not convinced that the team has enough championship-caliber parts to ever get back to their Lombardi Trophy-winning days.

So what team does Longo think would be the best fit for the eight-time Pro Bowler’s services?

Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals.

First and foremost, the Cardinals can’t hurt you. In the NFC West, Brady is as far away as possible. Unless he plays another five years — highly unlikely — the only place you’ll encounter Brady again on the field of battle is at a Super Bowl.

The Cardinals have the ammunition to attract the Patriots to the negotiating table. Remember, they pick at No. 7, an attractive spot for this draft, which has already been fortified by over 70 underclassmen.

Arizona also has incredible need. Most draftniks currently have the Cards dabbling with the likes of USC QB Matt Barkley or West Virginia’s Geno Smith in the first round.

For a team that played four quarterbacks in 2012 and was 28th in passing offense it’s nice to dream, but it’s hard to fathom Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft parting ways with the face of their franchise.

Regardless, after hearing names like Michael Vick and Alex Smith projected as free agent targets for the Cardinals, a Brady rumor now and again never hurt anyone.

And for a town that has had it’s fair share of news lately, what’s one more major headline, right?