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Another analyst thinks Kolb makes Cards contenders

It’s hard to believe that the Arizona Cardinals will be worse this year than they were last. If they are, something has gone horribly wrong (like them signing Derek Anderson part deux — we’re looking at you Marc Bulger).

The notion of the Cards being bad if they acquire Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb hasn’t crossed the minds of many in the media. In fact, it caused one analyst to lose his mind, claiming that the signal caller could instantly make them Super Bowl contenders.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter didn’t go quite that far on Monday but he does think if Kolb lands in the desert the Cardinals will be back at the top of the NFC West … or at least make the division interesting.

But ultimately, my sense is they will be able to trade for Kolb. And if they do, there’s no reason in that division that the Cardinals couldn’t come away as the NFC West champs. If they get Kolb, that division is going to be a lot more interesting than it was last year… But no question, Arizona still has some questions to address. Then again, we haven’t had free agency yet, so let’s reassess them after free agency.

Kolb would be a tremendous upgrade from the quartet of chaos that the Cardinals had manning the position in 2010. Will it make them division contenders? One would hope so, but as Schefter mentioned they have more holes to fill than Bill Murray did as the groundskeeper in Caddyshack. How they address them in free agency — whenever it begins — could change everyone’s expectations.

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