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Cardinals had their QB but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut

The seemingly never ending search for the Cardinals quarterback didn’t have to happen.

One year ago the team seemed content with their post-Warner QBs, with Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson, John Skelton and Max Hall all readying themselves for training camp.

Then Leinart went and opened his mouth.

“If he wouldn’t have held that little press conference, literally, behind the back of Ken Whisenhunt,” Sports 620 KTAR’s Paul Calvisi mused on Sports Interactive Monday, “he still would have been on the roster.

“And guess what, after the offense faltered in the month of the starter and Derek Anderson was faltering himself, he would have been the starter.”

That may be the case, but that premise shows fault with both the QB and the head coach, especially if Coach Whiz let his pride or ego cause him to cut a guy who would have — and maybe should have — been his starting quarterback.

As it stands, Leinart may get a second chance, as he’s been linked to NFC West rival Seattle. It makes sense, with Pete Carroll running the show and in possible need of a replacement for veteran Matt Hasselbeck.

“You’ve got to figure Pete Carroll’s thinking ‘I’ve won a lot of games with Matt Leinart as my quarterback,'” Sports 620 KTAR’s Dave Burns said on the show. “We thought all along that’s where he was going to be headed and I think we were all surprised last year when it didn’t happen for the Seattle Seahawks and Matt Leinart.”

Wouldn’t that be a treat for Cardinals fans, watching their former first round pick revive his career while getting the chance to beat the team — and coach — that cut him loose.

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