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NFL again fails to realize what team Carson Palmer is on

It really looks like someone needs to remind the folks in the NFL that Carson Palmer is no longer a member of the Cincinnati Bengals organization.

First, the league’s website, in posting the nominees for this week’s FedEx Air and Ground Players of the Week Tuesday, showed Palmer’s photo with “Bengals” under his name.

An honest mistake, maybe, but still pretty ridiculous when you consider the quarterback last played for the Bengals in 2010, went through a messy departure from the team, and even had a two-season stop in Oakland before arriving in the desert.

But apparently the NFL is really insistent that Palmer does, in fact, play for the Bengals, as evidenced by a tweet sent out Wednesday afternoon.


The teams do wear similar colors and their logos are easily confused, so it’s understandable how this error could occur. No, wait, none of that is true.

The Cardinals themselves noticed the mistake and decided to chime in.


It almost makes you wonder what Palmer and the Cardinals need to do in order to get the league itself to realize what team the veteran actually plays for, because apparently being tied for the league lead in touchdown passes while guiding a team to a 6-2 record is not enough.

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