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Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 9 Recap

WOLF 138.3 – 122.5 B-Train
Difference Makers: Wolf picked up his first win of the season, courtesy of a 31-point outburst by Drew Brees, and another 28 from DeMarco Murray. It was Danny Woodhead’s 23 points on Monday Night Football that officially sealed the deal though – despite the fact that B-Train put up a season-high 122.5 points. Because everyone always has their best week against Wolf.

BICKLEY 171.8 – 101.1 Calvisi
Difference Makers: Bickley continued his push for the top seed in the playoffs, using Antonio Brown’s amazing 46-point performance to knock off Calvisi. The Derek-Carr-to-Amari-Cooper connection paid off as well, to the tune of a combined 48 points. Philip Rivers actually looked human, managing just 15 points for Calvisi.

DOUG 162.5 – 128.7 Marotta
Difference Makers: Doug got strong games from Tyler Eifert (28) and Michael Crabtree (29) – no really, Michael Crabtree is good again – to pick up his eighth consecutive victory. Meanwhile, Marotta continued to ride the Post-Peyton-Manning Quarterback Carousel, starting Jameis Winston (18) this week.

BYRD 178 – 152 Luke
Difference Makers: Byrd notched the high score of the week, courtesy of Aaron Rodgers (33), Delanie Walker (31) and Jordan Matthews (28). Meanwhile, Luke lost Dion Lewis for the year and has now dropped two straight, after starting the year 7-0. He leads the league in total points though and – after his big output this week – Byrd has moved up to second in that department.

BURNS 109.3 – 94.2 Paige
Difference Makers: With just a few weeks left in the regular season, Burns and Paige are fighting for one of the league’s final playoff spots. Which is what made this such a pivotal matchup. Burns got a nice 33-point performance from Lamar Miller, but Paige still could have won if a) she had started pretty much any other human on the planet over Eddie Lacy (-1) or b) if Lacy had managed to just score positive points. If you see Paige, you probably shouldn’t mention Eddie Lacy’s name to her for awhile.


1. Luke Lapinski (7-2)
2. Jordan Byrd (5-4)
3. Paige Dimakos (4-5)
3. Dave Burns (4-5)
5. Bertrand Berry (0-9)

1. Dan Bickley (8-1)
1. Doug Franz (8-1)
3. Paul Calvisi (5-4)
4. Vince Marotta (3-6)
5. Ron Wolfley (1-8)


Bickley (8-1) vs Doug (8-1)
Wolf (1-8) vs Calvisi (5-4)
Paige (4-5) vs Byrd (5-4)
Marotta (3-6) vs Burns (4-5)
Luke (7-2) vs B-Train (0-9)


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