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ESPN profiles Max Domi and his diabetic-alert dog

Max Domi’s sensational start to his NHL career is amazing in its own right, but it’s even more amazing when you factor in that the rookie playing with diabetes.

Domi has Type 1 diabetes, a form of diabetes that only 5% of diabetics have according to the video. Luckily for Domi, his service dog Orion helps immensely with his disease.

The ESPN video piece shows that Orion will alert Domi when his blood sugar is low by grabbing a bringsel attached to his hip. Whether it’s during the day or when he is sleeping, Orion is able to help Domi closely monitor his blood sugar.

Domi has eight goals and seven assists in his first 17 games in the NHL. He is first among all NHL rookies in goals and second in points.

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