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Cardinals long-snapper Mike Leach gives back with potty training kit

NFL veteran Mike Leach has always done what he can to give back to the community, but a recent entrepreneurial endeavor is only adding to his charitable work.

The Arizona Cardinals long-snapper spoke to NBC’s Michele Tafoya about his Potty Pals stuffed animal kit, a tool to help parents more easily potty-train their kids.

“Born out of necessity I guess,” Leach said. “Our kids both loved stuffed animals. It was a labor of love for quite a few years. We got to the point where it’s time, let’s do it. Now we’re selling a complete potty-training system on Amazon and our website.”

Ten percent of Potty Pals proceeds will go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Leach said.

His love of helping children in the community began when Leach was a member of the Denver Broncos and he met a 5-year-old whose cancer was discovered by playing football. A hit to the boy’s arm caused swelling, and an X-ray revealed he had bone cancer.

Now, that experience has led to Leach and his wife launching the Potty Pals stuffed animals in June.

Competing for charity dollars with more well-known athletes like Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson may be difficult, but Leach said his Potty Pals idea is a way of leveling the playing field.

So far, business is “steady” and growing organically.

“As a long-snapper, I don’t have a big name and I’m fine with that,” Leach said. “It’s a role that I play, and I cherish it. We felt like if this is successful, we want to use this as a catalyst to give money back.”

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