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Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 10 Recap

BICKLEY 130.5 – 105.6 Doug
Difference Makers: Bickley continued his insane run, jumping to 9-1 and handing Doug his first loss since Week 1 in the process. Jeremy Langford and Antonio Brown led the way for Bickley with a combined 75 points, while a rare mediocre effort by Tyler Eifert (6) held Doug back.

CALVISI 107.4 – 94.9 Wolf
Difference Makers: Calvisi kept up his pattern of alternating wins and losses every week, riding a 30-point performance from Adrian Peterson to victory. For the first time in a long time, Wolf didn’t face one of the top scorers of the week… so, naturally, this was the week when he turned in one of his lowest totals of the season.

PAIGE 115.6 – 98.1 Byrd
Difference Makers: Paige completed the season sweep of Byrd, courtesy of a 28-point outburst by Brandin Cooks. Well, that and she had Eddie Lacy safely on her bench, where he couldn’t bring the rest of her team down anymore.

MAROTTA 116.6 – 109.6 Burns
Difference Makers: Marotta’s strange, mystical climb back up the standings continued with a 7-point win over Burns in the closest game of the week. This time, he started Joe Flacco (20) at quarterback, and left Marshawn Lynch (12) on the bench in favor of Darren McFadden (9) – just to prove a point. After beginning the season 0-5, Marotta is now only one game back of Paige and Byrd for a playoff spot.

LUKE 142.5 – 104.6 B-Train
Difference Makers: B-Train got 21 points from Danny Amendola and might have been in line for the win, had he not faced the top scoring team of the week. Luke got strong performances from Gronk (22) and Mike Evans (21), plus a career game from Kirk Cousins (29) of all people – once again proving that you can’t go wrong starting anyone that’s facing the Saints.


1. Luke Lapinski (8-2)
2. Paige Dimakos (5-5)
2. Jordan Byrd (5-5)
4. Dave Burns (4-6)
5. Bertrand Berry (0-10)

1. Dan Bickley (9-1)
2. Doug Franz (8-2)
3. Paul Calvisi (6-4)
4. Vince Marotta (4-6)
5. Ron Wolfley (1-9)


Calvisi (6-4) vs Bickley (9-1)
Wolf (1-9) vs Luke (8-2)
Doug (8-2) vs Marotta (4-6)
Paige (5-5) vs B-Train (0-10)
Burns (4-6) vs Byrd (5-5)

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