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Hiccups and all, 7-year-old learns show must go on

Chances are we’ve all had this happen to us at some point or another, when you get a case of the hiccups at the most inopportune time.

That’s exactly what happened to 7-year-old Ethan Hall on Friday. Hall was getting ready to perform Australia’s national anthem before a baseball game between the Brisbane Bandits and the Adelaide Bite at Coopers Stadium in Adelaide, South Australia.

Hall made it through the first few words of the song before the hiccups kicked it. But like a pro, the 7-year-old battled through it to finish the song and was congratulated with high fives from some of the players, who tried to cover up their laughter, along with official Twitter postings from the respective teams.

But the high fives didn’t end there for Hall, who’s stardom soared overnight to become a national hero the next morning.

Even one Twitter post feels Hall should run for political office.

It was an all important life lesson of how to battle through adversity and for a sport trying to catch on with country’s population, it might make for a nice promotional night.


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