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Fantasy Football Fix: Fantasy Outsiders Week 12 Recap

BICKLEY 131.4 – 76.3 Wolf
Difference Makers: Bickley continued his monstrous run through the season, netting the high score of the week while moving to 11-1 overall. And he even did it without the injured Devonta Freeman this week. A 35-point effort from Russell Wilson was huge, as was a 22-point outburst from Tavon Austin. A win over Byrd in Week 13 would lock up the No. 1 seed for Bickley.

LUKE 127.6 – 100 Burns
Difference Makers: Burns got a solid 23-point effort from Blake Bortles, but ultimately came up short as Luke got an extremely balanced attack to pick up his 10th win of the season. Each of Luke’s position players scored in double figures, led by Big Ben (22) and Gronk (21) – though both got injured in the process. A win next week by Luke would lock up at least the No. 2 seed in the playoffs, while a victory for Burns would likely sneak him into the playoffs as the No. 6 seed.

DOUG 129 – 96.2 Paige
Difference Makers: Even with Calvin Johnson on the bench, Doug delivered the second-highest score of the week, picked up his 10th win and put Paige in a must-win situation for Week 13. Brandon Marshall did most of the damage, picking up 34 points, while Tom Brady chipped in 23. Of course, now that Paige has benched Eddie Lacy (22), he’s finally producing. Because that’s how fantasy football works.

CALVISI 125.7 – 110 Marotta
Difference Makers: Marotta got 29 from Odell Beckham Jr, and another 22 from Travis Benjamin, but the Eagles D (-4) actually lost him points in a game he had to have. Adrian Peterson (33) and A.J. Green (24) led the way for Calvisi, who clinched a playoff spot with the win.

BYRD 121.9 – 99.8 B-Train
Difference Makers: Despite his pedestrian 6-6 record, Byrd is now second in the league (behind Luke) in terms of total points for the season. Every position player put up at least 12 points for him this week, led by Carson Palmer (17), LeSean McCoy (17) and Eric Decker (17). With a win in Week 13 – or a loss by Paige or Burns – Byrd is in the playoffs.



1. Luke Lapinski 10-2*
2. Jordan Byrd 6-6
3. Paige Dimakos 5-7
3. Dave Burns 5-7
5. Bertrand Berry 1-11

1. Dan Bickley 11-1*
2. Doug Franz 10-2*
3. Paul Calvisi 7-5*
4. Vince Marotta 4-8
5. Ron Wolfley 1-11


WEEK 13 MATCHUPS (final week of the regular season)

Luke (10-2) vs Paige (5-7)
Doug (10-2) vs Calvisi (7-5)
Bickley (11-1) vs Byrd (6-6)
B-Train (1-11) vs Burns (5-7)
Marotta (4-8) vs Wolf (1-11)

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