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Fans may be surprised by who the Arizona Cardinals will give up for Kevin Kolb

Kevin Kolb rumors are like… well we’re a family site, but the end of that statement is everyone has them.

On Thursday Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter took his shot at adding Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals fire.

“@shuofa03: will the Cards make a move for Kolb? And what/who will they give up?”<--yes. the name i'm hearing will surprise you. (patience)less than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac Favorite Retweet Reply

If that name is Derek Anderson then yes, we’d thoroughly be surprised. If it’s names that we’ve already heard discussed, see: Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie or Daryl Washington, then the chances we would be truly caught off guard are extremely diminished.

While one would imagine bigger names on the Cardinals roster would be off limits when it comes to dealing for the Eagles backup signal caller, Trotter’s tweet does make you think. Could it be someone who plays a large role on the roster be who Philadelphia covets? Is it possibly a rookie who hasn’t even taken the field yet? It’s just unclear, but the rumor opens up a million possibilities and makes the imagination race.

Then again, maybe the most surprising part will be the player the Eagles want in exchange for Kolb isn’t even a member of the Cardinals but rather another team all together.

Let’s hope the lockout comes to an end soon so we can all find out the answers.

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