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P.K. Subban surprises sick children with a winter wonderland

P.K. Subban is no stranger to charity. The Montreal Canadiens defenseman is donating $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital over the next seven years. Subban almost outdid himself this holiday season with his surprise for the children at Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Along with Air Canada, Subban turned the atrium of Montreal Children’s Hospital into a winter wonderland for the sick kids.

The kids thought they were going to wrap gifts, but were surprised and greeted by Subban. Subban then asked all the children to help him push a button and when they all did, the winter wonderland was revealed to the kids.

There was candy, face painting, cookies and more. Subban encouraged the kids to go wherever they like and do as they please. Subban didn’t just stand around either. He walked around with groups of kids and participated just as much as they did.

With his nails and face painted, Subban and Air Canada gave presents to both the children and the parents.

If that wasn’t enough, Subban and Air Canada ended the night by giving a family of one of the sick children who had lost their house in a fire a check for $5,000 to help them out during the holiday season.

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