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Kyle Orton moves out of his home

Kyle Orton is on the move.

While Orton has not been traded — yet –, neighbors say he moved out of the house he was leasing in Denver which could mean one of two things.

Either Orton believes he will be the starting quarterback in Denver and he is looking for a new permanent home or he thinks he will be traded so he decided to get rid of his home.

While it is fun to speculate on and analyze minute details of athlete’s lives, it is quite possible the media is putting a lot more thought into this move than Orton.

There is a good chance that Orton has no idea about his future in Denver considering his own coach indecision about who will be starting at quarterback.

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox continues to stand by his statement that his team will have a “wide-open competition” at quarterback.

Fox also said that he has no idea who the starting quarterback will be and that he would like to see all three in practice.

Orton’s role appears to be unclear not only in Denver, but across the league. Throughout the lockout he has been mentioned as a possible trade piece for almost every team in search of a signal caller.

It is certainly possible Fox is not completely revealing his hand to the media or that Orton has an idea of what his future in the Mile High city will be. That or maybe Orton just didn’t like the size of the house he renting and wanted to find something that more fit his style.

We’re not sure but thanks to the lockout fans are so football hungry that even real estate news involving players has become headline worthy.

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