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Could Cardinals trade a running back for Kolb?

PHOENIX – The talk surrounding the Arizona Cardinals pursuit of Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb has centered around what players such as Daryl Washington or Dominique Rodgers Cromartie or draft picks it would require to pry the Philly signal-caller to the desert.

However, a new possibility has emerged that could make more sense for both teams to find a acceptable deal for both.

“The Eagles might be in the market for a back-up running back. Is that potentially a reason why the Cardinals have some many running backs on the roster?” said Dave Burns on the Sports 620 KTAR’s Sports Interactive show on Friday.

Arizona is loaded with running backs in Tim Hightower, Beanie Wells and recent draft pick Ryan Williams.

For a team like Arizona that doesn’t seem to even like running the ball, it would seem obvious that there won’t be enough touches for all three of Arizona’s running backs.

“If it’s a back-up running back the Philadelphia Eagles want, the Cardinals have plenty of those to include in a deal for Kevin Kolb. That’s a great idea,” said Burns.

One would think that just a back-up running back like a Hightower or a Wells wouldn’t be enough alone to acquire Kolb, but it’s possible if Arizona throws in a second or third-rounder that might be enough.

The deal would make sense because Philly is dealing from a position in strength in quarterback while the Cardinals could also deal from a position of strength in running back.

Basically, both teams could help the other without creating a hole somewhere else on their rosters.

Let’s see if this trade scenario builds any steam over the next few weeks or until the lockout is finally over.

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