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Dockett has the Cards’ biggest mouth — and that’s a good thing

Darnell Dockett is a character.

He tweets while being pulled over by the police, about his
pet alligator and, well, anything else that’s on his mind.

He’s funny, confusing and, sometimes, frustrating.

But he’s not James Harrison.

Harrison, of course, is the Steelers linebacker who, among
other things, voiced his displeasure for NFL
Commissioner Roger Goodell and complained about how his
QB, Ben Roethlisberger, basically lost Super Bowl XLV a
few months back.

In the words of Chad Ochocinco, child please.

Harrison’s statements are moronic at best, disturbing at
worst. Still, one of the things that separates Dockett
from Harrison is the fact that Nine-O never backs down
from his comments. While he may not care what you think
about him or what he said, he is at least willing to own
up to the fact that those are actually his words.

Harrison, on the other hand, is not. He came out later and
claimed he was misquoted, or hacked, or whatever. It’s an
empty statement, really, because there is no doubt he said
what he was quoted as saying.

Darnell Dockett and James Harrison. While both players say
dumb things, the Cardinal has always come across as
playful. Harrison? He just comes across as a guy who
lacking a clue.

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