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The Arizona Cardinals can learn from LeBron James

Larry Fitzgerald is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, but the Arizona Cardinals can not let his status as a free agent after the season influence what they decide to do with the quarterback position.

It is a huge mistake for an organization to base decisions around one player — just ask the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For years the Cavs tried to appease LeBron James. They overpaid for Larry Hughes, Daniel Gibson (one of LeBron’s best friends on the team) and Mo Williams. They made poor trades for Antwan Jamison and Shaquille O’Neal.

The personnel decisions didn’t work out for the Cavaliers and we all know where the next chapter of the LeBron James story went.

If the Arizona Cardinals acquire Kyle Orton or Kevin Kolb they need to be doing it because they think one of them can be their quarterback for the next five to seven years, not to keep Larry Fitzgerald.

I concentrate on those two names because they are the two players that can set the Cardinals franchise back another three to four years if the move doesn’t pan out.

Giving up a player or high draft pick for Orton or Kolb is making a commitment to who your quarterback is.

I understand the NBA and NFL have different salary structures and in the NFL it is much easier to reshape a team than it is in the NBA. However, the one position in the NFL that can hamstring you long-term is quarterback.

Arizona must truly believe in Kolb or Orton if they go in that direction.

If Arizona makes the move for Kolb or Orton and it doesn’t work out they will be watching Larry Fitzgerald in another uniform anyway.

As any Cleveland Cavaliers fan would gladly tell you, watching your superstar go onto success in another city is not an enjoyable experience.

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