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Could the Seahawks force the Cardinals to overpay for Kevin Kolb?

Sal Paolantonio has already made it clear that the Seahawks and Cardinals will battle it out to obtain the services of Kevin Kolb, but what exactly could that do to the asking price for the Eagles signal caller?

Like bidding in an eBay auction, the additional competition will likely just raise the price in the form of additional picks or a top flight player.

That situation is something Sports 620 KTAR’s Dave Burns is afraid of.

“I worry the Seahawks are going to drive up the price so high that the Arizona Cardinals will be forced, out of necessity, to get the hell out of the talks because it’s just not going to be worth it,” he said Thursday on Sports Interactive.

While Burns worried about the Seahawks involvement in the Kolb sweepstakes, his co-host Paul Calvisi looked at is as a great opportunity for the Cardinals to gain a leg up on their division rivals.

“How great would it be,” Calvisi said. “You make Seattle pay through the nose for Kevin Kolb, and yeah, he might be good eventually, and then you take their quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck, install him into your offense and you beat the Seahawks and win the division. Plus you keep your draft picks going forward. That’s not a bad scenario right there.”

Anytime in the NFL you can hurt a division opponent while making yourself stronger you have to jump the opportunity. The question is, would the scenario that the two discussed really hurt the Seahawks? That all depends on what your opinion of Kolb is.

It’s hard to believe a guy who’s name has been thrown around more than Lindsay Lohan’s in a courtroom is going to be a bust for whatever team finally lands him. Would the Cardinals with Hasselbeck be better than the Seahawks with Kolb? It’s tough to say.

What isn’t tough to say is that with the Seahawks and Cardinals bidding for the services of the same quarterback, someone is likely to pay a lot more than they would if they were the only ones at the bargaining table.

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