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An annual ritual? Cardinals, Seahawks after same QB

The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks both need a QB, and they appear to be after the same player.

With the bidding war sure to be intense, the last thing the Cardinals want to do is see Charlie Whitehurst head to the northwest.

Wait, what?

Yeah, roughly a year ago the birds battled over the same QB, as the restricted free agent Whitehurst was looking to move on from the Chargers. The Cards and Seahawks both brought him in and hoped to sign him, but only the Seahawks succeeded. Or did they? Their prize, after all, was Charlie Whitehurst.

This time around the “prize” is the Eagles’ Kevin Kolb.

While Kolb is thought to be a much better QB than Whitehurst, it’s important to remember when going after a young player there is a chance that, once he gets a chance to prove himself, he proves to be nothing more than average.

Just one season after dropping 20 spots in the second round of the draft, giving up a third-round pick and signing a player to a two-year, $8 million contract, the Seahawks are looking for a better option. Do you think they regret coming out on top in last year’s bidding war?

The stakes are higher this time around but the principle remains: one quarterback, two teams.

We’ll see who learned the most — if anything at all — from last year’s competition.

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