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Kevin Kolb envisioning being in Arizona shows how far the Cardinals have come

In a relationship you get used to seeing the hidden meaning in things that are said. More often than not the conversation isn’t as simple as it seems at first listen, ‘Did you like that new recipe I tried?’ or ‘Do I look good in this?’ it goes beyond that. If you’re anything like me, you probably feel like Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code — or if you aren’t feeling that ambitious Nic Cage in National Treasure — trying to discern what really is going on. (Especially if you’re woken up in the middle of the night and yelled at for a dream your significant other had.)

It’s not that different in sports. Sometimes athletes and coaches say things that mean more than they appear to on the surface. On some occasions they aren’t even aware of what that meaning is.

Take Kevin Kolb for example. On Tuesday the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback told a national radio host that “Arizona would be a great place. I’ve obviously envisioned myself there.” While those eleven words seem pretty straight forward, they should have a Deuce Lutui — feel free to insert Kirstie Alley there if it makes you feel better — sized impact on Cardinals fans reading them.

That impact has nothing to do with the fact that the signal caller many fans have longed for like a high schooler staring at the pretty girl in class, may actually be the team’s quarterback of the future. It doesn’t even have to do with the fact that the quote signifies that our long national — or is that local — nightmare of incessant quarterback rumors may be nearing an end.

The real reason the quote is so important is the fact that for the first time since Jimmy Stewart — no, not the guy from the Daily Show, the guy from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life — was one of the biggest names in Hollywood, the Cardinals are on the mind of one of the biggest available names in the NFL.

Kolb saying he’s envisioned himself as a Cardinal is a turning point for a franchise who, over the last twenty-plus years, wouldn’t have been a top destination for a concession stand worker let alone one of the hottest commodities in the league.

Those eleven simple words may not have answered any questions about the Cardinals quarterback situation, but if you look at it the same way you look at conversations in your relationships, those few words speak volumes.


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