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Whisenhunt hears rumors, laughs at them

Ken Whisenhunt is not dumb. He hears all the rumors surrounding his team, especially the ones about which quarterback he’s going to get.

However, as he told the Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers, he’s not sure where any of the speculation starts — especially the DRC for Kevin Kolb rumors. He did, though, say no one is untouchable.

“I don’t even know where that speculation started about trading or what we’re going to give up,” he said. “We don’t even know if they (the Eagles) are willing to do that. That’s something that everybody speculates on.”

To be fair, the rumors don’t just materialize out of thin air. Though nobody can officially talk to other teams about deals, any talk is more than just putting the dots together and figuring out who needs what.

But yes, some of the speculation is ridiculous, if not contradictory. Take the Marc Bulger talk.

“And yet yesterday (Tuesday) there was a report that he (Bulger) didn’t even want to come here, to Arizona,” Whisenhunt said. “So which one is it? Is it, we’ve already worked a deal under the table or is it he does not want to come here?”

It’s a fair point. The lockout has left everyone wondering what is going to happen. But the guess here is that the head coach has a pretty good idea of what will go down the second the lockout is lifted.

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