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MLB paints Diamondbacks’ Paul Goldschmidt as a lethal desert creature

In a list of the top 13 venomous animals to roam the the Sonoran Desert, the rattlesnake is listed as No. 2, just behind Africanized honey bees.

But this summer a new creature is getting set to roam the desert with a venomous bite that can prove fatal for its prey, otherwise referred to as National League pitching.

A new promo for has Arizona Diamondbacks first basemen Paul Goldschmidt as one of the NL’s most dangerous predators.

It’s a fair argument, considering that Goldschmidt prayed on NL pitching last year with a career-high .321 batting average while hitting 33 home runs and driving in 110 runs.

He finished second in NL MVP voting to Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper. Goldschmidt will not only look to overtake Harper, but the Africanized honey bee as the most dangerous creature to roam the desert.

Oh and one more thing: He can apparently burn desert brush by a simple neck turn, because he can do anything. Absolutely anything.

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