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Kolb ‘100 percent’ to be traded, likely to Arizona

It’s settled.

Kevin Kolb will be traded, and there’s a very, very, VERY strong chance it will be to the Arizona Cardinals.

According to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter on NFL Live, it is “100 percent [Kolb’s] traded.”

At this point we all figured that to be a given. The Eagles understand Kolb will leave as a free agent following the 2011 season and are hoping to get something in return instead of losing him for nothing.

What Schefter said next, though, is really intriguing. He didn’t say Kolb is probably heading to Arizona or that there’s a good chance of that happening. No, he was a little more convinced.

“Arizona is the first, second, and third most likely landing spot,” he said.

Doesn’t exactly leave much room for doubt, does it?

Even the most ardent anti-Kolb Cardinals fan, at this point, has probably realized the Eagle is going to be the team’s next quarterback.

However, though it may have seemed like just bringing Kolb to the Cardinals was a difficult task, in reality the real challenge lies ahead.

Will Kolb prove to be the guy the Cardinals think and hope he is, or will he continue to be the inconsistent player he was in Philadelphia?

Looks like Arizona will find out shortly.

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