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Louis Oosthuizen’s hole-in-one shot bounces off J.B. Holmes’ ball

Every now and then you see something in sports that you’ve never seen before.

Louis Oosthuizen gave plenty of sports fans that moment on Sunday at the Masters.

Oosthuizen’s ball is hit to the right of the green and plays off the downward momentum of the slope.

In what looked like it could be bad news for him at first, Oosthuizen’s shot rolled quickly towards J.B. Holmes’ ball and bounced off it.

That actually turned into a positive for Oosthuizen. His ball went up the hill behind the hole, giving it a new and far better angle at rolling down and into the hole.

Holmes’ ball very nearly went in as well.

As it turns out, even if Holmes’ ball would have went in, he would have to replace the ball regardless of where it moved.

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