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ASU’s ‘Real Dream Team’ takes home Heroes of the Dorm title

Near as we can tell, no cores were HAM’d on, but the ASU “Real Dream Team” still dominated foe UT-Arlington to take home the Heroes of the Dorm championship Sunday.

A one-seed in the 64-team tournament where everyone played the Blizzard game “Heroes of the Storm,” they dominated the championship round by sweeping the best-of-five set 3-0.

ASU’s squad was made up of captain Michael “MichaelUdall” Udall, along with Parham “Pham” Emami, Stefan “Akaface” Anderson, Austin “Shot” Lonsert and Isaiah “Snickers” Rubin. One of the favorites going into the tournament, they did not lose a single game the entire way through.

The victory served as a bit of redemption for the Sun Devils, as they came up short in the championship round last year. Their prize — along with bragging rights — is having their college tuition paid for for up to three years, and if they are a senior or grad student with no more years left, they will receive one year’s worth of tuition to help repay student loans or an equivalent cash prize if no student loans remain.

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