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Goran Dragic breaks tooth, is mildly perturbed

If we’re not counting his relationship with fellow Slovenian Sasha Vujacic, Goran Dragic is generally considered to be a nice guy.

So when the Pistons’ Spencer Dinwiddie accidentally broke Dragic’s front tooth swatting at the ball on Tuesday, it made sense Dragic only found the upsetting part to be the official not making a foul call. Dragic passed the ball off and calmly tossed the bits of his tooth to the sideline in front of the Miami Heat’s bench.

Dragic had best stop putting his face in harm’s way. This is the second time this season he’s suffered a broken tooth, and it looks like it’s the same one that Al Horford’s elbow knocked out of his face earlier this season. Dragic had a crown put on the tooth to rid himself of the “Jim Carrey” look. Looks like he’s back at square one.

The more curious bit of this footage is the close-up of Dragic’s tooth.

Whose hands might those be, so willing to pick it off the hardwood?

It didn’t seem Dragic was too upset about losing his tooth. He videobombed Joe Johnson’s postgame interview with a toothless smile.

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