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Dodgers debut raised L.A. logo on batting helmets

The Arizona Diamondbacks took the brunt of attention away from any of the Dodgers’ uniform happenings on Opening Day in Los Angeles, but it shouldn’t be overlooked the home team debuted something itself.

Los Angeles did something no other team has on Tuesday, using new batting helmets that are not only matte blue but have a raised, three-dimensional L.A. logo.

The look gives the Dodgers’ helmets a sense of depth like no other. According to Paul Lukas of ESPN’s Uni Watch, 28 MLB teams use flat decals on their helmets, while the Chicago Cubs have a cloth patch on theirs.

Lukas reports the L.A. logos are raised just three millimeters off the helmets.

“Then I thought about football helmet nose bumpers,” said Dodgers director of graphic design, Ross Yoshida, referring to the raised logos used by an increasing number of football teams in recent years. “Nobody had ever done that in baseball. So that was the inspiration.”

Here’s a look at the previous batting helmets, which were both glossy and with a flat logo.

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