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Lockout is over, so now what?

Now that the lockout is over it is time for the Cardinals to get back to work. Well, not exactly.

There is a timeline of when certain things can happen and, unfortunately, the Cardinals must abide by it.

Still, things will get done, and it will happen quickly.

According to ESPN, it goes something like this:

Monday: Teams can go to 90-man rosters and the official free agent list will be distributed to all the teams.

What this means for Cardinals: Work begins on signing players — a lot of them. The Cardinals will need to add another 49 players to get to 90.

Tuesday: Trades can commence, rookies can be signed at 7:00 a.m. Arizona time, and teams can reach agreements with free agents. Players are allowed in team facilities.

What this means for Cardinals: Kevin Kolb, welcome to Arizona? This could be the day all the rumors and speculation finally come to an end. Also, Patrick Peterson’s holdout can officially begin! Kidding, sort of. What really it means is the team can begin work on signing their picks (the later picks usually sign first), but will probably still have to wait to see where Peterson’s “slot value” is. Other than that, expect the Cardinals to get a hold of their own free agents, specifically Steve Breaston, Deuce Lutui and Lyle Sendlein to see where they are at with regards to a desire to return and for what kind of money.

Wednesday: Players can begin reporting to training camp if this is 15 days from their first preseason game.

What this means for Cardinals: The Cardinals first preseason game is August 11th, meaning they can report this day. Enjoy the ride to Flagstaff, gentlemen!

Thursday: Teams can begin to cut players at 1 p.m. Arizona time.

What this means for Cardinals: Adios, Derek Anderson. Joey Porter and Gerald Hayes may also see their tenure as Cardinals come to an end on this day.

Friday: Teams can file free-agent signings to the league office at 3 p.m. Arizona time.

What this means for Cardinals: Well, hopefully they’ll add a few players while keeping some of their own. The Cardinals have nearly $40 million in cap space, meaning they have the means with which to do some work.

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