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Former ASU hoopster Jermaine Marshall hits a buzzer-beater … on wrong basket

If you sit around wondering what former Arizona State basketball players are up to, we have an update for you.

If you sit around wondering what could be the most embarrassing moment of any professional athlete’s career, we have a candidate.

Guess what? These two queries lead us to the same place.

Former Arizona State guard Jermaine Marshall appeared on our radar Saturday because of his involvement in a Greek League playoff game — for all the wrong reasons. His Kifisia squad fell to Aris in overtime, 108-103, but only because Marshall goofed in the most egregious way possible.

As you can tell at the beginning of the video, the yellow team (Aris) is shooting on the bucket to the right side of the court.

We know this because this man on the yellow team is shooting a free throw into that basket. He misses with his yellow team down two points and the white team (Kifisia), which is Marshall’s, grabs the rebound.

Attempting to burn five seconds off the clock while not getting fouled and allowing Aris to stop the clock, a dude on the white team dribbles in a loop and gives the ball to Marshall after he is caught up in the air.

Apparently, Marshall was not set on dribbling out the clock but getting to the rim — the incorrect rim. He scores on a nice floater to tie the game, 95-apiece. Remember, his white team was up two.

We explained all this to you in case you, like Marshall, were missing something.

Without reading lips, it’s clear what Marshall and his teammates are thinking when they realize what happened. Meanwhile, the yellow team is super happy because they get overtime without putting in much work.

But what is Marshall’s coach bothering the officials about?

Anyhow, the Haboob Blog has no sources in Greek League hoops, but we’re guessing that Marshall might not be back next season.

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