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Panthers QB Newton leaves playground kids awestruck

So you’re on the playground with your friends, playing a game of two-hand touch football when all of sudden you see this big guy coming at you.

The man that’s approaching you is none other than the quarterback of the local NFL team and soon the kids start arguing who’s team he’s going to be on.

Sounds like it’s something that’s made up? Think again as that’s what happened to a group of seventh graders in Davidson, North Carolina when Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton spotted the group.

Newton was driving around when he saw the kids playing football on the playground at Community School of Davidson, one of them wearing his jersey.

So Newton decided hop the fence and join the kids, leaving many awestruck and even bringing one girl to tears who said later this was the best moment of her life.

It was a small gesture by a high profile athlete that will leave a longer lasting effect on the students.




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