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There could be just one winner in the Cheeseburger Dog Challenge

This season, the Arizona Diamondbacks unveiled the Cheeseburger Dog, a culinary concoction consisting of a hot dog made from char-grilled hamburgers that is deep fried and served with lettuce, bacon, tomato and a house-made secret sauce.

It’s quite an invention, and it falls in line with the D-bat Dog (released in 2014) and the Churro Dog (2015), both of which made into videos that can be seen here and here.

With that in mind, we decided to take a stab at the Cheeseburger Dog, though as it is not quite as hefty as the D-bat Dog, simply eating it was not enough.

Thus, the Cheeseburger Dog Challenge was born.

The competition featured our resident eating champion Adam Green (co-host of Arizona Sports Saturday, reporter) against Andy Greenberg (producer for Off the Edge with B-Train), in a #GreenvsGreenberg setting.

Two men (and dogs) entered Chase Field for Tuesday night’s bout. Both men eventually left the ballpark. But in between, only one man was crowned the champion.

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