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Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson’s mock draft correctly predicts six selections

Tony Jefferson, S
2015: 75 total tackles, 2 INT, 2 QB sacks, 5 PD, 4 TFL, 3 FF, 2 QB pressures, 1 QB hit
Few players have improved as much as Jefferson, who recorded his first two career interceptions and showed some solid coverage skills throughout the season. A big hitter who excels in the box, increased range and versatility makes the restricted free agent someone the Cardinals would be silly to let walk. However, they did extend the lowest tender offer they could, which makes you wonder how they feel about him.

Earlier this week Arizona Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson did his own 2016 NFL Mock Draft.

Jefferson admitted he’s just doing this for fun, but he dreams of being the next NFL draft expert.

So, how much of an expert was the Cardinals safety on Thursday night?

Well, like most mock draft experts, Jefferson struggled.

He got six picks right, including the San Francisco 49ers’ No. 7 overall selection of DeForest Buckner.

Jefferson did correctly predict a trade for the Cleveland Browns out of the No. 8 selection, but instead of the pick going to the New Orleans Saints, the selection was acquired by the Tennesee Titans.

Tony Jefferson NFL Mock Draft Comparision


Team Tony Jefferson NFL Draft
Rams 1. Goff 1. Goff
Eagles 2. Wentz 2. Wentz
Chargers 3. Ramsey 3. Bosa
Cowboys 4. Elliott 4. Elliott
Jaguars 5. Jack 5. Ramsey
Ravens 6. Tunsil 6. Stanley
49ers 7. Buckner 7. Buckner
Titans 8. Bosa 8. Conklin
Bears 9. Hargreaves 9. Floyd
Giants 10. Conklin 10. Apple
Bucs 11. Lawson 11. Hargreaves
Saints 12. Lynch 12. Rankins
Dolphins 13. Apple 13. Tunsil
Raiders 14. Jackson 14. Joseph
Browns 15. Dodd 15. Coleman
Lions 16. Stanley 16. Decker
Falcons 17. Lee 17. Neal
Colts 18. Kelly 18. Kelly
Bills 19. Decker 19. Lawson
Jets 20. Ragland 20. Lee
Texans 21. Rankins 21. Fuller
Redskins 22. Coleman 22. Doctson
Vikings 23. Treadwell 23. Treadwell
Bengals 24. Doctson 24. Jackson
Steelers 25. Joseph 25. Burns
Broncos 26. Floyd 26. Lynch
Packers 27. Nkemdiche 27. Clark
49ers 28. Fuller 28. Garnett
Cardinals 29. Green 29. Nkemdiche
Panthers 30. Alexander 30. Butler
Seahawks 31. Cook 31. Ifedi

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