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Brett Favre’s agent connects his client to the Arizona Cardinals?

Brett Favre is not coming to the Arizona Cardinals. At least that’s what his agent Bus Cook told one newspaper on Monday.

“Brett Favre retired in January. He has not talked to any teams, including Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks,” Cook told the Clarion Ledger in Mississippi. “He has not talked to anyone about playing football. He’s retired, period.”

The question is, why is Favre’s agent even mentioning the Cardinals in the first place?

There haven’t been any credible rumors — talk about an oxymoron — connecting the Cards to Favre. So there wouldn’t seem to be a need for Cook to even bring up Arizona.

Hopefully it was more Favre’s agent connecting the dots between teams without a starting quarterback and his client. If that’s not the case one of the two sides has shown some interest the Cardinals quarterback drama could get a lot more interesting before it comes to an end.

Here’s hoping that the Valley isn’t subjected to the Favre circus in 2011, picture messages, gun slinging and all.

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