7 simple compliments women actually love to hear

May 17, 2016, 9:20 AM | Updated: May 25, 2016, 3:03 pm

Giving a woman a compliment can be a complicated affair. There are so many compliments that can send the wrong message or confuse rather than flatter her. So, to be safe, here are some old standby compliments that should do the trick without setting off alarm bells.

1. “You have amazing eyes.”

Complimenting a woman’s eyes is always a safe way to let her know you’re interested. Eyes are the window to the soul after all. But don’t get generic with this insider tip. Tell her why you love the color or shape of her eyes- mention how they make you feel. And be sure to look deep into them if you get some good feedback.

2. “You have a great smile.”

A great smile is a sign of health, and mentioning a woman’s smile will make her do just that. Tell her you’ll do anything to see more of that smile, too. And it’s quite refreshing for a beautiful woman to hear a compliment about her physique that doesn’t allude to anything sensual.

3. “You’re easy to talk to.”

AKA “You’re actually interesting” is a good way to keep a conversation going. Getting to know your love interest on her terms will show you who she is when she’s relaxed. Don’t forget to ask her about what she enjoys either.

4. “I feel really comfortable around you.”

There’s nothing better than feeling the release of pressure around someone who ties you up in knots. Even with the butterflies, if a woman puts you at ease, let her know. Just saying it may get her to lighten up as well.

5. “I think you’re amazing.”

“You complete me” might be coming on a little strong, especially in the beginning. Skip a cheesy (but super romantic) movie line like this and just tell the girl you think she’s great! If you get a genuine smile, and even a little blushing, you may have just hit the jackpot.

6. “My friends think you’re great.”

Letting a girl know you and your buddies enjoy her company is a good sign. It also gently pushes things forward, indicating you want her to spend more time with you and them. You’re interest in making her more a part of your life won’t go unnoticed.

7. “You make me smile.”

So sweet. So simple. Just say she makes you smile and chances are you both will. There’s nothing that could possibly be taken offensively here. No mention of her body parts, or what you’d like to do with them. No assumptions about her personality. No expectations at all. You’re simply letting her know you’re happy when she’s around, and you’re still in a good mood once she’s gone.

These compliments may seem silly or outdated, but the classics have stuck around so long for a reason. Getting too fancy or sly gives the impression you’re trying too hard and making the compliment more about the delivery than the recipient. Make sure your compliments are less about the chase and more about the woman you want.

Georgia D. Lee is a University of Miami Alumna who seeks to empower, inspire, enrich and educate anyone with an open mind, heart and spirit through her most treasured medium – black and white!


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