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We know the problem, what’s the solution?

Maybe I’m just a typical guy. A guy who wants to fix what is broken.

Yes, it’s unnerving that many (not all) San Francisco fans, in their thoughtless stupor, did the wave while medics came to remove Calais Campbell from the field.

Yes, it’s classless that many fans in Houston cheered an injury to Matt Schaub and cheered his backup TJ Yates, just as Cardinal fans once did to Kent Graham in favor of Jake Plummer.

Yes, it was a bad weekend for the many fans of the NFL.

The question is, how do we fix it?

No really, think about it for a moment, how do we legislate class and honor?

You can’t ban booze from the stadiums; the corporate sponsorship implications alone make this an impossibility.

You could encourage more fans to “report” those sitting around them; silly idea though. You’re going to kick somebody out of the stadium for booing? For doing the wave?

I want to fix the problem, not sit around and complain about it. And that’s the rub, I can’t think of a solution.

I don’t want to indict every fan who goes to every game. The vast majority of you just want to be entertained; a good game, good times with friends, heckle or boo for the fun of it, have a few pops. Nothing wrong with that. And I’m certain most of you reading this fall into that category.

The matter is likely one of tolerance. If you have none, your best bet might be staying at home.