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Diamondbacks’ Jean Segura is nearly run over by a toothbrush

Jean Segura had quite an eventful first two innings in his Diamondbacks’ series finale against the Rockies.

The Arizona infielder extended his hitting streak to nine games with a lead-off double, then got thrown out trying to steal third. But during an inning break, the hot-hitting Segura had a brush with death.


Like most MLB teams, Colorado has its unique version of a mascot race. The Diamondbacks have their Legends race, the Nationals have the racing presidents and Milwaukee has its famous sausage race.

Colorado has a very curious event called the Tooth Trot, a race between a toothbrush, tube of toothpaste and a tooth.

The Rockies apologized for conveniently nearly erasing a red-hot opponent like a cavity, but here’s to betting Segura will become bit sensitive to the Tooth Trot after he had little time to braces himself for the collision.

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