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Hanley Ramirez attempts a suicide squeeze at the worst possible time

The suicide squeeze is one of the most exciting plays in baseball.

There are good times to do this, and attempting one in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth could at least be labeled as bold.

That’s what the Boston Red Sox’s Hanley Ramirez attempted to do Saturday, but the circumstances for the play weren’t ideal, to say the least.

40-year-old David Ortiz was on third base, and while Big Papi is known to steal a bag or two when someone isn’t paying attention, taking home on a bunt is on a whole different level.

This is how the Red Sox reacted when Ramirez got the swell idea to bunt with two outs in the ninth and Big Papi on third.

Did we mention there were two outs?

Ramirez tried to defend his decision after the game, but his manager didn’t exactly go to bat for him.

As one could expect, Twitter went crazy.

That’s right: Ortiz did, in fact, triple the at-bat before.

The Ramirez play was actually less of a surprise and more of a “Hanley being Hanley” situation.

He proved this earlier in the game, when, for whatever reason, he tried to trick an Astros player into thinking he had the ball in his glove. This is even when the player had already realized what was happening and that Ramirez didn’t even have the ball in his glove anyway.

Luckily for Ramirez, Ortiz ended the game in classic Big Papi fashion.

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