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Phoenix Suns earn 4th pick in 2016 NBA Draft Lottery

From left, NBA draft prospects Jaylen Brown, Skal Labissiere, Jamal Murray and Brandon Ingram talk before the start of the NBA basketball draft lottery, Tuesday, May 17, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

The Phoenix Suns had the fourth-best odds to move up in the lottery but fourth place is right where they’ll pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Phoenix will have a selection after the Sixers, Lakers and Celtics as the odds held to what the Suns’ 2015-16 regular season record earned them in the lottery process.

Phoenix had an 11.9 percent shot of winning the first pick and a 12.6 percent shot of jumping into second. There was a 13.3 percent of the Suns earning the third pick, a 9.9 percent shot of the fourth and 35 percent chance of coming in fifth.

The Suns could have drafted no lower than seventh overall.

After acquiring the Washington Wizards’ draft choice on a protected basis in February as part of the Markieff Morris trade, the Suns will have a second lottery pick at 13th overall.

There was only a 2.5-percent chance of the Wizards top-nine protected pick jumping into the top-three.

Here is a look at how the entire lottery panned out.

1. Sixers
2. Lakers
3. Celtics
4. Suns
5. Timberwolves
6. Pelicans
7. Nuggets
8. Kings
9. Raptors
10. Bucks
11. Magic
12. Jazz
13. Suns
14. Bulls

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