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March Madness: The best moments from the 2015 NCAA Tournament

March Madness has officially arrived, and with it comes the inevitable fluttering ashes of brackets long destroyed.

You may not make it past the second round without your picks imploding, but with or without you, the coolest moments in college basketball just keep coming.

Take a pause from your losing bracket bonfire to stay updated on the best — and worst — of this year’s NCAA Tournament.

March 19, Round of 64

(3) Notre Dame 69, (14) Northeastern 65

Notre Dame held off Northeastern mostly because of this:

Oh, and Demetrius Jackson did this to a couple of hapless defenders:

Then, things got a little…mad.

(14) UAB 60, (3) Iowa State 59

UAB, wearing mismatched shoes to help raise awareness of pediatric cancer, became the first Cinderella story of the 2015 tournament.

This is the same UAB team whose football program was cut earlier this year.

Are you rooting for them yet?

(14) Georgia State 57, (3) Baylor 56

When RJ Hunter hit a game-winning three to push Georgia State over Baylor for the upset victory, perhaps the best moment in college basketball this year happened:

See that guy fall off his stool?

That’s Ron Hunter, Georgia State coach and father of the player who hit the shot — no wonder he was so excited.

By the way, Hunter is the same coach who tore his achilles tendon last week celebrating with his team after a Sun Belt championship.

He may be our March Madness MVP so far — or maybe it’s the stool.

(2) Arizona 93, (15) Texas Southern 72

The Wildcats creamed Texas Southern, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson had a triple-double — if you count his shimmies, of course.

(6) Butler 56, (11) Texas 48

The world finally became a world we know when Butler beat Texas. And a sad world for the Big 12.

(11) UCLA 60, (6) SMU 59

The “gaining steam” Bruins may have caused a bit of a fuss by getting in the tournament in the first place, but Bryce Alford hit nine 3-pointers — which would’ve been eight, and a loss, if it weren’t for a much-debated goaltending call.

And the guy who committed the error tweeted out a heartfelt apology after the game:

Now, UCLA will face UAB, which of course everybody had in their brackets. Not.

(6) Xavier 76, (11) Mississippi 57

Talk about a loss of momentum.

(10) Ohio State 75, (7) VCU 72

Ohio State freshman D’Angelo Russell broke a freshman school scoring record after a 28-point game against VCU, and pulled the gnarliest crossover in recent memory:

C’mon, man, you couldn’t have finished that one, of all your buckets?

He did take an elbow to the face, though…

(1) Villanova 93, (16) Lafayette 52

Water break.

(8) Cincinnati 66, (9) Purdue 65

Poor Boilermakers. Two 7-foot guys and the lane was still wide open for Cincinnati to send it into overtime with a layup at the buzzer.

And then, Purdue couldn’t quite sink their last chance of moving on:


(4) North Carolina 67, (13) Harvard 65

Harvard nearly banked a three to beat UNC, who barely fended their Ivy-league opponent off after a 21-8 run.

It’s okay, Harvard.

(5) Utah 57, (12) Stephen F. Austin 50

Stephen F. Austin went, ah, stone cold in the final moments against Utah.

Delon Wright did this:

And SFA, to their disappointment, did this:

(8) NC State 66, (9) LSU 65

What rhymes with “beat LSU?”

Round of 32.

(5) Arkansas 56, (12) Woffard 53

This is pretty neat:

This is pretty feet:

(4) Georgetown 84, (13) Eastern Washington 74

Despite this:

…and a “guaranteed win” by EWU head coach Jim Hayford, the hot upset pick cooled off.

(1) Kentucky 79, (16) Hampton 56

Water break.