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Daily News headline writers like innuendo of Jeff Hornacek’s nickname

Ah, the New York media.

Invasive and sometimes over-the-top, the New York Daily News got quite the telling scoop late Wednesday night. Reporters and photographers caught former Phoenix Suns coach Jeff Hornacek walking out of a swanky steakhouse with Knicks president Phil Jackson and general manager Steve Mills.

It appeared to be more evidence to support the reports that New York was ready to negotiate a contract with its next head coach.

But as the Daily News does, solid all-around journalism wasn’t good enough. This story needed more oomph.

The paper’s tabloid-style, back page sports section of course had to play up this dinner date with childish humor.

Get it? The Knicks are using a steak dinner to woo a guy with a name that kind of includes an innuendo.

It’s almost too easy.

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