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Oklahoma would be special in the Pac-12

The Pac-12 will kickoff its inaugural season shortly, having added both Colorado and Utah to the mix.

Still, conference commissioner Larry Scott failed in his dream of creating a “super conference,” unable to lure Texas from the Big 12.

But now, with rumors of Texas A&M possibly heading to the SEC, Scott may have a chance to reel in a different fish, one that is just about as big as the one he missed out on.

“Do you go with A&M to the greatest college conference there is and rake in the money, but be absolutely no different, you are not special in any way with Alabama, Auburn, LSU,” Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug Franz asked on the Doug and Wolf show Thursday. “Or do you want to go into the Pac-12 and be special.”

Franz said it would be great for the Pac-12 if it could add Oklahoma and, say, Kansas, as each has storied programs in different sports.

“You bring in Oklahoma football, you bring in Kansas basketball,” Franz added. “What if you added, when you’ve got UCLA’s tradition, U of A’s tradition and Kansas all together?

“That is money.”

Cha-ching, indeed.

It would be quite the coup for Scott, and another step towards the dominant conference the commissioner wants to put together.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, but with the way the NCAA landscape has continue to change it may be something that could actually happen.

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