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Osweiler: ‘We’re right where we want to be’

The expectations were high for ASU coming into the season.

Now seven games in to the 2011 campaign, those
expectations remain unchanged.

“The way I see it in my eyes is we’re in first place in
the Pac-12 South,” said quarterback Brock Osweiler. “Our
goal at the beginning of the season was to win the Pac-12
South so if you want to go by that we’re right where we
want to be.”

And that would be in control of the South Division.

The Sun Devils (3-1) are tied with USC, but the Trojans
are ineligible for the inaugural Pac-12 Championship game
on December 2.

ASU enters the bye week with a half-game lead over UCLA
(2-1) while Utah, Colorado and Arizona are all winless in
the conference. UCLA visits UA Thursday night.

Added Osweiler, “We’re sitting right where we had hoped
we’d be at this time.”

Five games remain for Osweiler and the Sun Devils but one
game–last week at Oregon, is hard to get past.

“When you’re playing a top team on the road you need to be
very disciplined. We weren’t.” ASU was penalized eight
times, including four personal foul penalties, for 95

“You can make all the plays you want in the world,”
Osweiler continued, “but if you’re not disciplined it’s
going to cost you at some point and it did a few times
Saturday night.

“I don’t think it was the big stage or playing against top
team because as far as that goes I think we took it right
at them. None of that seemed to shy this football team
away from anything but I think we need to understand—in
those big games, when it’s the appropriate time to do
certain things.”

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