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June Jones’ agent calls ASU experience ‘bizarre’

The fallout from the June Jones-Arizona State saga
to surface.

Leigh Steinberg, who represents the SMU coach, wrote the
following in a
brief blog

Just had one of the most bizarre endings to a
set of productive discussions to bring a client to a new
situation. Everything was set,few tweaks left,and the
principal decision maker yanks the deal w no real

This came out about 90 minutes after news broke that
State had pulled their offer to the coach when it been
reported by several sources that the deal was nearly done.

Later on, Steinberg posted again,
obviously frustrated with what was being said about his
client in the aftermath of the ASU situation crumbling:

June Jones character is impeccable and
unimpeachable,has done
charitable&community,active&spiritual Christian faith.For
any institution to try and scorch the earth by impugning
man of honor is despicable—cowardly leaks.