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One of Graham’s former players bashes coach on Twitter

Coaching changes are rarely a black and white issue, with
clean breaks being made and everyone living happily ever

So, while Arizona State is excited to bring Todd Graham to
Tempe, there’s a school in Pittsburgh upset that their
coach of just one year has already left.

The frustration could not be anymore evident than it is
with current Pittsburgh player Devin Street, a redshirt
sophomore receiver who has taken his thoughts to twitter since he
learned his coach was leaving.

With tweets like “I’m literally sick.. That man pulled me
in his office one on one and lied to me” and “What’s AZ
State thinking !?” and “He wanna preach so much he needs
to read ‘Thou shall not lie’ and “He’s an actor he did it
to rice then us now he’s gonna do it to ASU… That energy
is fake he has them fooled” it’s clear to see the player
is upset — maybe even bitter — and it’s quite

After all, Street is one of many young men who bought into
what Graham was selling over the last year in hopes of
bringing great success to the Pittsburgh program. A lot of
hard work was put into learning the coach’s style and
schemes, only to see him leave before anything could
really be accomplished.

That said, this is just part of the cruel industry that is
collegiate sports, and while it may seem like Graham
wronged his former players, the truth is breakups are
rarely pleasant.