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Top 25 AZ Sports Stories of 2011: #4 The ASU coaching change

The staff of has compiled their list of the top 25
Arizona sports stories of the year 2011. We’ll be unveiling them over the
next couple of weeks all leading up to the top story of 2011.

When Dennis Erickson’s Arizona State Sun Devils took the field at the
Rose Bowl to take on UCLA on November 5th, they were 6-2, ranked
18th in the nation, in the driver’s seat in the Pac-12 South and on the
verge of earning their head coach a contract extension.

The Sun Devils blew all kinds of opportunities and lost to UCLA, 29-28,
starting a downward sprial they never pulled out of.

ASU lost their last 4 games, squandered a spot in the inaugural
championship game, finished 6-6 and instead got Erickson fired.