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Burfict finally making the interview rounds

In his three seasons at Arizona State, sports radio
listeners in Phoenix never heard the words “coming up
next, ASU linebacker Vontaze Burfict.”

That’s because Burfict never did a radio interview. In
fact, he rarely spoke to any news gathering medium.

With the NFL Draft days away and his draft stock
plummeted, Burfict did conduct a radio interview with
Glenn Clark of WNST in Baltimore.

Burfict set the record straight on what he claims are
inaccurate reports of his off-the-field behavior.

“The guy I am on the field, I’m not the same guy off the
field. When I’m off the field, I’m more sitting down, more
of a chill guy, don’t do too much partying, and when I’m
on the field I’m just angrier, don’t like to lose, have a
passion for the game and love to hit,” Burfict said. “Me
and off the field are just two different things and people
have it mixed up. They think I’m the same people off the
field and it’s totally different.”

Burfict’s most interesting comments came when asked by
Clark if he’s worried about not getting drafted.

“Not really because I have been working so hard and God
knows how hard I’ve been working. I’m truly blessed just
to be in the position that I’m in right now,” he
responded. “If I don’t get drafted then I will have to go
back to school, but I love football so much that I won’t
give up on football. But I will go back to school and
finish up my schooling and stuff like that and probably go
somewhere else like Arena football or something but
hopefully I make it to the NFL.”

To listen to Burfict’s entire interview on WNST, click here.

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