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Off the Edge with B-Train NFL Rundown

We all love the Cardinals, but there are 31 other teams that have built 31 roadblocks on Arizona’s “Road to Houston,” and Off the Edge with B-Train is going to get you up to speed on all of them. Every episode focuses on one team and includes a 2015 highlight, two major questions, the “Must-see TV” players and the answer to the very important question, “Why should Cardinals fans care about (insert team here)?”

Join B-Train (and Andy) in The Rundown and let us know what you think on social media using #OTERundown.

July 25

Pittsburgh Steelers

Detroit Lions

July 15

Carolina Panthers

Philadelphia Eagles

July 14

Dallas Cowboys

Chicago Bears

July 13

Miami Dolphins

Green Bay Packers

July 12

Minnesota Vikings

Kansas City Chiefs

July 11

New Orleans Saints

New York Giants

July 8

Buffalo Bills

New York Jets

July 7

New England Patriots

Atlanta Falcons

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