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Arizona Sports Uniform Playoffs: Second Round, Day #1

We’re into the second week of our first-ever Arizona Sports Uniform Playoffs!

The field of potential Arizona sports fashion contenders has been whittled to 32 after four days of first-round voting last week.

There were upsets, but none bigger than the tournament’s final seed, the Phoenix Coyotes’ green desert-themed alternates, squeaking out a narrow victory over the D-backs’ current Sedona Red alternates. Over 830 votes were cast in that showdown, and the Coyotes’ greens won by a minuscule margin.

This week, we’ll get a look at the top 16 seeds in our field, which include many of the Phoenix Suns’ earlier uniforms.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, you’ll have four matchups to vote on each day.

Happy voting!

#1 Suns Barkley-era black alternates vs. #33 Suns Nash-era home whites


The Suns completely revamped their uniforms in 1992, which coincided with the opening of their new home, then called America West Arena, and the arrival of superstar Charles Barkley. For two seasons, the Suns wore redesigned white uniforms at home and purple on the road. Two years later, they introduced an alternate black jersey. People flipped and other teams took notice and adopted black third jerseys as well.

The Suns Nash-era home white uniforms scored a victory over the current D-backs black alternate in the first round by a margin of 51.5 percent to 48.5 percent.

• Voting is now closed for this matchup

#16 Suns current purple roads vs. #48 Coyotes green Kachina alternates


When the Suns redesigned their uniform look in 2013, many longtime fans were upset with the lack of purple on the home uniforms. That wasn’t an issue with the road design, which featured a bold purple base with elements of the popular uniforms of the Barkley era.

The Coyotes’ alternate green desert-themed uniforms came into the tournament as the lowest seed (Editor’s note: they are awful, aren’t they?) but pulled off the upset win in round one over the current D-backs Sedona Red alternate by a total of three votes.

• Voting is now closed for this matchup

#9 D-backs original black alternate vs. #41 D-backs original road grays


It’s an all-Diamondbacks original battle in the third matchup of the second round.

The black alternates, worn on the road from 1998 to 2000, were instantly popular with the D-backs new fan base. In 2001, the ‘A’ logo went away and was replaced by ‘Arizona’ in the same script as the other road uniforms.

The Diamondbacks’ original road uniforms, which were worn from 1998 to 2000, scored a first-round victory over the Coyotes road white uniforms with red shoulders, garnering 53.4 percent of the vote.

• Voting is now closed for this matchup

#8 Cardinals original white uniforms with black trim vs. #25 D-backs second-generation Sedona Red alternates


Other than having actual NFL football in our own backyard for the first time, there wasn’t too much else to be excited about when the Cardinals relocated to the Valley from St. Louis in 1988. But, you’ve got to admit they looked good when they wore their white jerseys adorned with the Arizona flag, and red pants. It’s a look that they wore a lot on the road, but frequently at home, as well, in an attempt to combat the high early-season temperatures at Sun Devil Stadium.

The D-backs’ first-ever Sedona Red jerseys got a victory over the Cardinals road white uniforms with blue trim in the first round, getting 57.7 percent of the vote.

• Voting is now closed for this matchup

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