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Arizona Sports Uniform Playoffs: Second Round, Day #2

We’re into the second week of our first-ever Arizona Sports Uniform Playoffs!

The field of potential Arizona sports fashion contenders has been whittled to 32 after four days of first-round voting last week.

There were upsets, but none bigger than the tournament’s final seed, the Phoenix Coyotes’ green desert-themed alternates, squeaking out a narrow victory over the D-backs’ current Sedona Red alternates. Over 830 votes were cast in that showdown, and the Coyotes’ greens won by a minuscule margin.

This week, we’ll get a look at the top 16 seeds in our field, which include many of the Phoenix Suns’ earlier uniforms.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, you’ll have four matchups to vote on each day.

Happy voting!

#4 Suns Barkley-era road purples vs. #29 Cardinals current road whites


It’s a battle of road uniforms worn by teams that nearly won championships.

The Suns introduced these purple road uniforms in 1992 and they won two games wearing them in the 1993 NBA Finals against the Chicago Bulls. Like everything having to do with the Suns during that time, these uniforms were incredibly popular with the fan base and were the first Suns uniforms to ever feature black in the scheme.

The Cardinals rolled out these uniforms after a major design change in 2005. They won their first-round matchup against the D-backs’ current alternate road unis by a 66-34 percent margin.

Voting is now closed on this matchup.

#13 D-backs current alternate homes vs. #20 Cardinals current home reds


Arguably the most popular of the new uniforms introduced by the Diamondbacks last December are these alternate homes, which brought back turquoise as a team color.

The Cardinals have had great success in these red home jerseys, and even wore them in Super Bowl XLIII. They easily defeat the D-backs’ current alternate road uniforms with turquoise in the first round, 66-34. They have (not in a while) worn these with red pants, too — although many uniform enthusiasts have bashed that look.

Voting is now closed on this matchup.

#12 D-backs second-generation black alternates vs. #21 Coyotes black alternates


When the D-backs switched their uniform identity in 2007, they kept the concept of a black alternate jersey. These were worn on home, primarily on Saturdays, with black caps.

The Coyotes’ black full-body logo alternates did well in the first round of the tournament, defeating the Suns’ Latin Nights alternate by a resounding margin of 90-10.

Voting is now closed on this matchup.

#5 Cardinals original home reds vs. #28 D-backs second-generation road grays


You can say the Cardinals’ original red jerseys were plain — they were. But they were also classic-looking, appeasing traditionalists in the process. Unlike the road white jerseys of that era, the Cardinals didn’t adorn the home reds with the Arizona flag, instead staying true to the look they wore throughout their 28 seasons in St. Louis before moving west in 1988.

The D-backs’ second-generation road unis defeated their home brethren of the same era easily in the first round, gaining 67 percent of the vote.

Voting is now closed on this matchup.


• #1 Suns first black alternates DEF. #27 Suns Nash-era home whites, 73% to 27%

• #48 Coyotes green alternates DEF. #16 Suns current road purples, 68% to 32%

• #9 D-backs first black alternates DEF. #41 D-backs original road grays, 51% to 49%

• #25 D-backs second-generation Sedona Red alts DEF. #8 Cardinals original road whites, 60% to 40%

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