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Cowboys add another star to helmets, honor Dallas police

The Dallas Cowboys have added another star to their helmet in honor of the fallen police officers that were shot by snipers in downtown Dallas in July.

The decal is a silver star that reads “Arm In Arm.”

Dallas players, including Jason Witten and Orlando Scandrick, joined with the City of Dallas on the practice field by walking arm-in-arm with the Dallas police chief and mayor.

According to a statement at the ceremony, the Cowboys were the ones who came up with the idea to honor the fallen heroes.

“Unity in the community, unity among fellow citizens, and unity among Americans and the police who protect them,” a statement said. “Our players felt that there is no better example of what unity is — and can be about — than a sports team. And they felt they had the opportunity — for the first time they were together this year — to send this very important message.”

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