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Media reactions to Kevin Kolb trade

The Kevin Kolb trade has been highly publicized and criticized. Some think Kevin Kolb is the right man for the job, others think he will not pan out and some think that the Cardinals paid too much no matter how he performs.

Here at, we compiled a list of various reactions from major media outlets to see where they stand on the Kolb acquisition.

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports

What does a Pro Bowl cornerback, a second-round draft pick and a reported $63 million get you in the NFL these days? A backup quarterback. Grade: C-.

Chris Sprow of ESPN:

As we wrote a few weeks ago, he has a profile that could easily be Matt Schaub’s before he was dealt to Houston — or A.J. Feeley’s before he was sent to Miami after a brief run as the backup hero in Philly. Kolb has Arizona’s faith, but statistically, he’s still a bit of a leap.

Clark Judge of CBS Sports

So now we have Kevin Kolb going to Arizona for a young cornerback and a second-round draft pick, and if I’m the Cardinals, yeah, I’m at least wary. I mean, if there’s a lesson here it’s that when Andy Reid and the Eagles give up on quarterbacks they usually gain the advantage. Feeley is out of the league. McNabb is out of Washington. And Kolb?

Dennis Dillon of Sporting News:

Kolb’s body of work in four NFL seasons is hardly extensive. He has completed 194 of 319 passes (60.8 percent) for 2,082 yards and 11 touchdowns, with 14 interceptions. And he has started only seven games (five of them last season).

That’s not exactly a Kurt Warner-like resume, but the Cardinals believe Kolb is good enough to stop their game of musical chairs at the position.

Albert Breer of NFL Network:

On the surface of it, the price tag for Kevin Kolb seems steep.
But the cost of not getting him, for the Arizona Cardinals, may well have been immeasurable.If the Cardinals believe Kolb is a franchise quarterback, as the Eagles did when they traded Donovan McNabb away 16 months ago, then they had to pull the trigger on this one. All that was at stake was the life of the resurgence they’ve experienced under general manager Rod Graves and coach Ken Whisenhunt.

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